These are all the landscapes videos I have uploaded to date. Click the image to preview the creative commons footage. Access the watermark free version simply by right clicking on the link and then click 'save link as' to download.

Remember, do not re-upload or share my videos in their raw form (please splice, mix into your own content and be creative) and remember to provide credit in the following way: 

[insert title] CC-BY NatureClip 

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Basel, Switzerland CC-BY NatureClip  (NEW download link!)
Cretian Sea CC-BY NatureClip
Flying over mountains CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Forest Background (HD) CC-BY NatureClip
Frozen Landscape CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Hoover Dam Time-lapse CC-BY NatureClip  (coming soon- email me if interested)
Lake and Clouds Time-lapse CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Lonely Tree at sunset in slow motion CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Lonely Tree at Sunset - 4K time-lapse CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)

Meadow at Sunset CC-BY NatureClip
Old Lighthouse CC-BY NatureClip, 2014  (NEW download link!)
Silent Forest CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Storm over Hoover Dam CC-BY NatureClip (coming soon - email me if interested)

Trees in the wind CC-BY NatureClip
Welsh Hills CC-BY NatureClip
Winter Forest CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Winter Stream CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)


  1. Thanks for these, the quality isn't fantastic, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Which one are you not so happy with and why? Some of these have been re-rendered to improve the video quality.

  3. I thought Welsh Hills CC- By Nature Clip was very cinematic. I used it (slightly modified) in a few different places in a video here:

    Thank you for making this excellent stock available. I am a subscriber and a fan. We mad sure to credit and include a link for NatureClip in the description box of the video.

    1. You're welcome - thanks for using my free content :D

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  5. Thank you very much .
    I'll use some in my music video clips.
    I appriciate your kindness