These are all the animal videos I have uploaded to date. Click the image to preview the creative commons footage. Access the watermark free version simply by right clicking on the link and then click 'save link as' to download.

Remember, do not re-upload or share my videos in their raw form (please splice, mix into your own content and be creative) and remember to provide credit in the following way: 

[insert title] CC-BY NatureClip 

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Step 2: Find the video you want and 'right click and 'save as'  to download

         Animals with their offspring       Birds feeding preview
Animals with their offspring                    Birds feeding

              Cat Sleeping in Slow Motion Horses in slow motion
        Cat sleeping and drinking                Horses in slow motion

           Bird of Prey        Monkeys
                        Kestrel Blink                        Monkeys grooming and eating

           Turtle Dog playing with ball
                                    Sea Turtle Hatching                   Dog playing with football

     Pony       Swan Lake

                                      Coming Soon                            Swan Lake

      Albino Snake      Alligator
                                     Albino Snake                                 Alligator

 Seagulls        Lizard Lunch
                              Seagulls flying overhead                       Lizard Lunch


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