These are all the UltraHD (4K) videos I have uploaded to date. Click the image to preview the creative commons footage. Access the watermark free version simply by right clicking on the link and then click 'save link as' to download.

Remember, do not re-upload or share my videos in their raw form (please splice, mix into your own content and be creative) and remember to provide credit in the following way: 

[insert title] CC-BY NatureClip

Processing 4K video requires some processing power (which I sorely need) or a lot of time! So each 4K video is unlocked when it either reaches 100 likes on YouTube or $10 in donations. You don't have to donate the full $10, just specify which video you want to put towards and donate whatever (if anything) you want. Or just add a like on the video...that's free!

Step 1: Social share

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Feeling generous? You can donate a dollar using TipJar (or even buy me lunch)

Step 2: Find the video you want and 'right click and 'save as' to download.

 Stars 4K    

                                        Stars 4K                       Lonely Tree at sunset (4K)
                                       Unlocked!                        0 / $10          9 / 100 likes 


                                 Spooky Sunrise  (4K)                    Clouds 4K
                                     Coming Soon                   0 / $10       8 / 100 likes 


                                 Moon sunset (4K)                   Milan Cathedral (4K)

                                   Coming Soon                     
0 / $10       1 / 100 likes 


                               Reflecting Tree (4K)                          A day in 4K

                              0 / $10      20 / 100 likes               0 / $10       29 / 100 likes 


                                  Basel Rhine (4K)               Blackpool illuminations (4K)

                                     Coming Soon                     0 / $10       3 / 100 likes 

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