Saturday, 12 April 2014

Lake and Clouds time-lapse

I've re-rendered this time-lapse so it is now much better quality. The previous version was a little too heavily compressed.

Time-lapse taken by Lake Vattern, Sweden. Featuring clouds passing over a vast lake with the water rippling gently in the wind. Free to re-use under a Creative Commons by Attribution license. 

To download, right click and save as: Lake and Clouds CC-BY NatureClip 

Remember: provide credit & do not simply re-upload my videos in original (raw) form - please be creative and mix with your own or others content - see T&C.

Also available as a background in real time. Email me for the link if interested.   

Lake and Clouds CC-BY NatureClip by NatureClip

1 comment:

  1. Hello NatureClip!
    I am an student creating a short film right now, and i find this Lake and Clouds video useful for a background but i would like it in real time, is that possible? I leave you my email for any further response!
    Thank you and greetings from Mexico City!