Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April giveaway - FREE Instant Access to 30GB of stock footage

Offer ends tomorrow (Wednesday 30th April)!

This April, I celebrate turning 30 by giving away Instant Access for FREE to my supporters!

Instant Access is a download link to all my Creative Commons content, even my latest and best 4K content!

To get this Instant Access download link is easier than one two, three...


One: Become a support by doing ONE or
more of  the following:
Subscribe to my YouTube Channel,

Two: Help spread the word by doing ONE of the following 


Liking this Facebook post

Tweet this tweet

Comment on and share this DailyMotion video

Welcome to NatureClip - Free stock Footage by NatureClip

Comment on and share this YouTube video

 Welcome to NatureClip

Three: Get in touch to claim your FREE Instant Access pass - natureclips@gmail.com

Your Instant Access pass will last at least 30 days from when I sent it out to you. This offer ends on the last day of April (Wednesday 30th April 2014). 

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